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Dr Eleanor ClarkClinical Psychologist
Working with young people and families to achieve emotional well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

If you contact me in the first instance via either email or telephone then we can have an informal chat about your circumstances and why you are seeking help. Based on this I will be able to either suggest we meet for an assessment or I will be able to recommend whether another service would be more suitable for you. If you are not able to get hold of me directly, then please leave a message and I will endevour to respond within 48 hours.

When are appointments available?

  • Tuesdays between 9:45 and 14:30
  • Wednesdays between 9.45 and 14:30
  • Saturdays between 9:30 and 16:30

What is the process?

All therapy starts with a detailed assessment where I require the young person and at least one parent to attend. In some cases it may be more suitable to meet with parents or carers alone in the first instance, this can be discussed in the initial contact.

Assessment usually takes between one and two sessions. At the end of the assessment session(s), having established your needs and goals, I will draw up a formulation of the difficulty and discuss whether therapy would be helpful.

Dependent on the age of the young person subsequent therapeutic sessions would be undertaken either with the family present in the room or in the case of older adolescents a combination of individual and joint family sessions.

Is the service confidential?

The service offered is entirely confidential. It is against the ethical code of conduct to discuss clients or their details in any way with any other person.

There are two exceptions:

Professional Supervision: I have regular supervision with another clinical psychologist as required in our code of conduct. I will discuss clients in these sessions in order for the supervisor to support the therapy offered and so ensure clients are receiving the best possible care.

Risk: should any clients disclose information to me that indicates either they or another person are at risk of serious harm, I have a duty to disclose this information to a pertinent third party (e.g. GP, Social Services, next of kin if under age 16 etc.).

Where are the sessions held?

My clinic room is based in West Byfleet, Surrey. Full address details can be found on the contact page.

What if I need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment?

Appointments cancelled by phone or email more than two working days in advance are not charged. Cancellations with less than two working days notice, or non attendance, will be charged at the full rate as it is then difficult to offer the appointment to another client.

How do I pay?

Payment is via cash, cheque or credit card after each session unless covered by private medical insurance.